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XGenplus support for .NET 4.0


We recently upgraded all our C# projects from VS2005 to VS2010. We used xgenplus in some of our VS2005 projects to generate serialized assembly. The existing version of xgenplus (.NET 2.0) in not usable for us after we upgraded our projects to VS2010 (.NET 4.0). We are not able to get the latest version of Xgenplus in any other sites too. Could you please let us know where can we get the latest version of xgenplus which supports .NET 4.0?
We downloaded the source code from here and upgraded to .NET 4.0 on our own. But, it didn't work out when we have xgenplus and its config file as a clearcase element. With Xgenplus config as a clearcase element, we are getting access denied error when we execute xgenplus. There is no issue when have the config file as checked out element. With original version of xgenplus (.NET 2.0) with VS2005 projects, it worked fine even when the config file is checked-in. Could you please throw us some light on what might be the possible reason for this issue?


Sreenath_86 wrote Sep 21, 2012 at 9:55 AM

Need support for .NET 4.0

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