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by davidbarrett
Apr 11, 2008
9:25 PM

Being evaluated

Hey, team! First of all, great tool. Thank you for sharing!

I tweaked the source code for two reasons: 1) I didn't like that I had to have the serializer dll in the same location as the assembly I was generating classes for. 2) I ran into a situation where I exceeded the max NT 260 character path limit -- I needed a way to tell XGenPlus to create the source code files (working files) in a different location.

So, I added two switches: /workingpath, and /lib. /workingpath is a relative or absolute path that XGenPlus will use to create the .cs files. /lib is a list of paths that the compiler will search (it's passed as a /lib command line switch to the CSharp compiler) for the assemblies from the /reference switch. Obviously, you can fully qualify the paths in /reference, but /lib eliminates that need for assemblies that don't live in the GAC (for example, System.Runtime.Serialization.dll), plus it takes care of specifying the location for XGenPlus.SerializerLib.dll.

I also tweaked the Compiler implementation somewhat -- the ICodeCompiler interface is deprecated, so I changed it to use CodeDomProvider.

Thanks again for the tool!

David Barrett (


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